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#MentalMovement is a grass-roots community mental health initiative (and a completely unfunded one at present) started by a couple of really compassionate albeit slightly angry human beings who are still awaiting their own therapies. Shortly after realising it was quite possible that millions of other people were also masquerading as if they too have ‘got it all together’ but deeply suffering alone inside, they decided to set up #MentalMovement.

We are now one of the fastest growing blog-a-zines in the world. Only kidding. Well, not really. #MentalMovement has gained a huge amount of traction and notice in the past few months and we are really chuffed about this, mainly because it has proved two things to us; that our work is needed and that we are smashing it!

#MentalMovement is challenging, innovative and most importantly, proud to be different. Our mission is to assist every person currently awaiting therapy or any other mental health services during that vital interim period, and help people produce informative, engaging and creative content for both print and digital based media.

We aspire to inspire and a key part of our mission is to re-define how Mental Health is dealt with and portrayed. We started that by co-creating this entire blog and independently published zine with everyone involved with #MentalMovement; oh, and everyone here deals with their own Mental Health.


When you’re experiencing a mental health problem, supportive and reliable information can change your life. That’s what we do. We empower people to understand their condition and the choices available to them through:

  • Our Infoline which offers callers confidential help for the price of a local call
  • Our Legal Advice Service which provides information on mental health related law to the public, service users, family members/carers, mental health professionals and mental health advocates
  • Our award-winning publications and website, now certified by the Information Standard.


Every six seconds, somebody contacts us. Ten times a minute, we can help someone turn their life around. That’s a privilege, and a huge responsibility.

You can call The Samaritans for free support on 16 123. This line is open 24 hours a day!


SANE was established in 1986 to improve the quality of life for people affected by mental illness, following the overwhelming public response to a series of articles published in The Times entitled The Forgotten Illness.

Written by the charity’s founder and Chief Executive, Marjorie Wallace, the articles exposed the neglect of people suffering from mental illness and the poverty of services and information for individuals and families.

SANE’s vision has remained consistent throughout its twenty five year history: to raise public awareness, excite research, and bring more effective professional treatment and compassionate care to everyone affected by mental illness.

Rethink-Mental-Illness-LogoWho are we?

We believe a better life is possible for millions of people affected by mental illness. 

Over 40 years ago, one man bravely spoke about his family’s experiences of mental illness in a letter to the Times and in the process brought together hundreds to talk about their experiences of mental illness and support each other.

Today we directly support almost 60,000 people every year across England to get through crises, to live independently and to realise they are not alone. And we change attitudes and policy for millions.

When I was first ill, I had no hope. Through Rethink Mental Illness I found people with real understanding of what I was going through and genuine expertise. I’m still involved today as a member, giving back my passion and commitment.

Geri Silverstone, Rethink Mental Illness member

Rethink Mental Illness Advice Line – 0300 5000 927 (10am-2pm Monday to Friday)