Product Review: Aromatherapy with Stress No More & FitAir

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week Stress No More are offering 20% off all Aroma Diffusers with the code AROMA20 – don’t miss out. (Offer ends 14/05/17.)

I was lucky enough to receive a FitAir Eden Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser with FitAir Aromatherapy Oils with Carved Wood Storage Box from the lovely Stress No More to try for myself – so, thank you very much!


If you’ve read previous posts from my blog you may know that aromatherapy is something I rate highly with management of my anxiety and stress levels. After purchasing a diffuser starter kit last year, I fell in love. I could hardly wait to get into bed each night, put together a new blend of oils and relax.

After getting in touch with Stress No More, who have been very supportive of me, they recommended trying this set of oils and diffuser (which they use in their office!) and I was delighted at the opportunity. Anything to do with essential oils and you can count me in!

First impressions with these products; the diffuser is compact, simplistic and portable. Unlike a lot of diffusers, you are able to charge this one (providing up to 50 hours with each charge) and put it where you like. It actually fits in my handbag, which is great! I’ve always wanted to take my other diffuser away on holidays but it just takes up too much suitcase space!

The size takes nothing away from the effectiveness of the product itself, as rather than diffusing with water, you diffuse the oils alone. So, you literally screw a bottle inside the diffuser and you’re away. You can use a standard 10ml oil, but they also provide you with an empty bottle to make your own blends. 10/10 for convenience!

The technicality of the product is great. It comes with different intensities and you use these depending on the size of the room that you’re in. You can also set a timer for up to 1, 2 or 4 hours, so if you’re going to bed you don’t have to worry about turning it off or wasting any of your oils. If you enjoy convenience and are looking for a high quality product, I would 100% recommend this diffuser.

The oils themselves are 100% Pure and you can buy them individually as well as the set. As well as diffusing, you can use them for massage with a carrier oil or pop a few drops in your bath.


In the box you receive the following 6 oils (as quoted on each bottle);

  • Energise & Revitalise; an energising mix of citrus and uplifting pure essential oils. Containing Lemon, Scotch Pine, Rosemary and Lime.
  • Strength & Harmony; combining clearing Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Pine, Peppermint and Tea Tree to banish Winter blues.
  • Sensual & Arousing; combining the juicy aroma of Sweet Oranges, sensuous Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and sweet floral Palma Rosa.
  • Focus & Concentration; to help keep you on top form and a great companion during exams or when working. Combining Rosemary, Basil, Peppermint and Pine.
  • Relax & Mindfulness; to leave you feeling relaxed. Containing relaxing Lavender & Marjoram, balancing Bergamot (FCF) and calming Petitgrain.
  • Invigorate & Inspire; to kick start your day. Containing uplifting Orange & Lemon oils, comforting Mandarin, stimulating Pine and reviving spearmint.

Both products are rated 5 Stars on the website and I can see why. They’re convenient, simple to use and great for aromatherapy beginners. If you don’t want to get caught up in which oil does what, and what oil blends best with another, this set of oils is definitely the way to go.

Overall, I’m very pleased with these products and they work brilliantly together. I enjoy being able to carry this around with me and use it when I wish!

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Jan 18 ’17


I’ve not been very well this week unfortunately. I took the day off work yesterday and I have the day off today. A well needed rest with no worries for the whole day is a huge blessing sometimes.

I had a phone call from the psychiatrist I’ve been referred to on Monday, we discussed what I wanted out of my referral, I said I was after an official diagnosis so I could better manage my emotions. I was a bit shocked that they straight up just asked me what I wanted, like they’re supposed to be helping me? Anyway, whatever – we shall see how it goes!

Spending my afternoon watching Pretty Little Liars and diffusing this lovely blend of Lavender, Cedarwood & Peace & Calming to relax me!





I’ve actually been proactive. At probably around 1.30am last night(or this morning? w/e) when I gave up trying to get to sleep I decided to create a Facebook Page for this blog (, that way I can post lots of different mental health related things, to people who actually care.

I worry that people might get annoyed with my constant posting on mental health related stuff on my personal page. I did worry about creating the page as well tbh, as I thought does this really warrant a Facebook page?? but nevertheless – I’ve done it, and I’d be so, so grateful for a Like.

I also stumbled across the #EndTheStigma movement collages, which I think are BEAUTIFUL. So I have created one too 🙂


Only just got up and it’s 11.30am, but at least I made it up before 12..pros and cons, pros and cons..

I have new oils coming today (Tangerine, Cedarwood & Peace & Calming) and I’m VERY excited! *Remember* if you are interested in trying out essential oils, I’d love to help you out with a discounted Premium Starter Kit from Young Living! Just ‘Become a Member’ with my member I.D. – 10482904.









I’ve actually managed to get in the gym twice this week after a short (ok maybe long..) break due to chronic laziness and lack of motivation. I know I preach about how good exercise is for your mental health, but even I find myself pulling the duvet over my eyes for ‘just another 5 minutes’ until there’s no time at all. Fuck it.

But, I’m proud that I have managed to get in, it genuinely makes me feel so good and has boosted my ‘happiness’ this week for sure.

I’m now diffusing Lavender, R.C. & Mental Clarity, enjoying some coffee (how cool is my mug!) and watching a Disney movie (of which I have no idea what is going on in..).

I’m feeling very thankful for those who read my blog, take the time to get in touch with and offer me words of advice and encouragement. You guys are truly beautiful people and each and every one of you push me on to see each day.

Thank you guys so much, you’re the bomb!


How Moods Change


Even after yesterday’s productive afternoon, I still had a bad evening. I got home and a cloud of depression slowly creeped in. I decided to go to bed and relax, or try. I felt incredibly low for the entire evening, and couldn’t shake it.

So, I decided to start today with a positive attitude and hope that it stopped my misery. I actually got up earlier, and jumped in the shower. Now – that doesn’t sound very exciting but I am NEVER alive enough in the mornings to have a shower, so the fact that I actually had a morning shower is quite an achievement, sad ey? I then put ‘The Secret‘ on the TV and got ready, whilst listening to that and diffusing Lavender & Lemon. A much more positive morning than usual. Congratulations to me.

Journal / Essential Oils & Coffee

After seeing the lovely Abii (The Boderline Holistic) today, I’m feeling more hopeful for 2017. Surrounding yourself with positive energy is a fantastic way to boost your own energy, her positivity and motivation never fails to inspire me.

After recommending Essential Oils to me in November, I am so grateful. I don’t feel like I talk about them nearly enough, because I often find it hard to get the words out. But, I truly believe in them and their abilities to improve your mental & physical health, emotional wellbeing and happiness. 

And, that is why I am sharing these with you.

Essential Oils go much farther than Lavender & Tea Tree (although these are wonderful!). Individual Oils are gathered and specific blends have been created, to combat your stresses and worries, improve your general health, and uplift you. 

I chose to try Essential Oils after struggling so harshly with anxiety for so long. I know too well the raw desperation when you can’t find solace.

But – I now also regularly feel the relief when your heart stops pounding, your palms stop sweating, the nausea floats away and sleepless nights disappear – because Essential Oils have been a total Godsend.

If you’re interested in Essential Oils – please do get in touch with me! I can provide you with information and post you FREE samples to try yourself. I can also provide you with a business opportunity, wherever you are in the world, through Young Living should these strike a chord with you.

Drop me an email on and I can send you more information!


#MentalMovement / How Essential Oils Could Improve Your Mental Health


Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for health care (amongst a lot of other things) and have been widely recognised for their mental health & emotional support.

They are hugely attractive as they are completely natural and organic – meaning you don’t have to check the box for side effects or worry about any nasty chemicals, hoorah! They carry so many benefits, but focusing on the mental health values you could benefit from relief from depression, insomnia, anxiety and panic and you could experience relaxation, grounding and calmness.

I recently chose to try Essential Oils after a recommendation from a friend who finds them very beneficial for emotional support and genuinely absolutely loves them, you can check her out here. After listening to her passionately talk of these lovely little bottles, I purchased a Premium Starter Pack from Young Living.

See my full article here.


My Essential Oils are here!

Woooooo! I received my Essential Oils from Young Living last night and I am already in LOVE. I know it’s definitely too early to recommend, but still… I would definitely recommend!

Last night with recommendation from the lovely Abii @ TheBorderlineHolistic I diffused a mixture of Lavender, Stress Away & Copaiba before I went to bed, I slept like a babe! This morning (with a little help from Pinterest) I diffused a mixture of Lemon, Thieves and R.C. to help combat my cold. I then left the diffuser in the front room with the newborn baby as she has a cold too! I then rubbed Thieves onto the bottoms on my feet, my wrists & behind my ears and put the roller onto Stress Away and popped it in my handbag before I set off for work. God, it smells good!

I ordered the premium starter kit from Young Living, and in the set you get:

Essential Oils (All 5ml)

Stress Away (Blend)
Thieves (Blend)
Purification (Blend)
Pan Away (Blend)
DiGize (Blend)


  • Dewdrop Diffuser (in picture below!)
  • Marketing Literature
  • AromaGlide Roller Fitment
  • 2x Lavender Sample Sachet
  • 2x Peppermint Sample Sachet
  • 2x Peace & Calming Sample Sachet
  • 2x Lemon Sample Sachet
  • 2x Thieves Sample Sachet
  • Business Card Sampler (10x)
  • 10x Sample Oil Bottles
  • 2x NingXia Red Single (60ml) (in picture below!)

After discussing with Abii the massive amounts of health benefits (and perfume benefits!) these oils have I HAD to buy myself some. She has every belief in these oils and the emotional support they have provided for her so I am super excited to see how this goes – not just for mental health support but for all the benefits they provide.

If you’re interested in getting hold of some let me know and I can get you discount from Young Living, you could also set up your own little business from home if you fancied the extra cash! You just need to register through the website and enter my member I.D. (10482904) at the bottom and choose the Premium Starter Pack! (Drop me an email if you get stuck or just want a chat! –

Thanks for reading!