#MentalMovement – Catching up with BBC’s Mim Shaikh on his Latest Video ‘Letter to my Mother’


Resident writer Gemma caught up with BBC Radio 1Xtra & BBC Asian Network’s DJ, Mim Shaikh, about his latest spoken word video detailing his Mother’s mental health and the affect it’s had on his life.

Hi Mim, thanks so much for chatting with me again! I was so excited to see your latest video as I love your work! But, especially this one as it was written to your Mum. I really connected with this on a personal level as my Mum has struggled with her mental health too. Has your Mum watched the video? What was her reaction?

She was the first person I showed the video to. As soon as I had it completed, I rushed downstairs. I think it was Christmas Day, and I sat by her side showed her the video. She said is that about me? And I said yes. What did you take from it, and she replied that you’re going to carry on giving me money and we both started laughing.

How did you find it affected you, growing up without her as a Mother ‘figure’? And, how did it affect you growing up without a Dad?

I’ve come to the conclusion that’s it’s made me into the person that I am today, a very strong, confident and talented individual. I always thought everyone has the same mindset as me whilst I was growing up, but I sooner realised that the pain and lack of support that I may have experienced at a younger age has only been a good thing for my development. It kinda forced me to grow up a bit quicker than some of my friends or other family members who were the same age as me.

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#MentalMovement Interview / In Conversation with BBC’S Mim Shaikh About New Video; ‘Coming Out’


Resident writer Gemma caught up with BBC’s Mim Shaikh to chat about his new video ‘Coming Out’. Touching on some important subjects in the world of mental health, they discuss loss, life and encouraging young people to talk openly about their mental health.

Let’s chat about the video first – I loved it! What inspired you and what is the main message you wanted to convey?


Thank you. I enjoyed putting it together. 6 months ago, I lost my Grandmother and my centre of gravity was shifted for the first time in my 25 years on this planet. I found myself behaving differently, thinking in ways I never did before. Questioning myself more, not having any confidence in what I do and I just felt the best thing I could do is just to give up. Then I started to look back at everything I had achieved and started being more grateful for things in my life, in work, to relationships with family and friends. I wrote a spoken word piece before releasing this one called ‘No Father’s Day’ which allowed me to reflect on what it was like growing up without knowing who your Father is. The feedback from the video, inspired me to not run away from the hard times in my life but to actually embrace them harder than the successes. I thought I could make another video which would help people who may be coming to terms with their mental health. The main message was to just show that we are all coming to terms with our mental health, the word mental just has such a negative connotation but it’s just the same way of us coming to terms with our physical health. So if were training at the gym, and working out regularly, what are we doing for our minds? So I got together with a good friend of mine, and we co-wrote the piece: ‘Coming Out’.

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